What Happens When You Read Tarot?

Reading tarot is an intuitive process. People use it for everything from exploring their relationship to building self-esteem and making career choices.

Psychic West Palm Beach can pull a single card for a simple reading or several cards in what’s called a spread. The more cards that are involved in a spread, the more in-depth the reading.

The Moon

The Moon card represents your anxieties and fears. It may appear in a reading when you are worried about a health issue or if you are concerned about your finances. This card is also associated with traumatic memories that are haunting you. Alternatively, this card can be a warning that someone you are dealing with is not what they seem. It is best to be cautious and trust your intuition.

When the Moon card appears in a reading with the Hierophant card, it may indicate that you are feeling lost and confused right now. You need to take some time out for yourself and focus on your own well-being. This is a good time to practice some mindfulness and meditation.

If this card shows up in a reading with the Hermit card, it indicates that you need to re-evaluate your relationships and make sure that they are healthy. This is a time to be selective about who you spend your time with and avoid people who bring you down or treat you poorly.

This card can also appear in a reading with the Strength card when it indicates that you need to put down your illusions about the world around you and face reality. This is a good time to break away from the structures that have been comforting you and creating your own life from the ground up.

The Moon reversal is a negative indicator that someone you are dealing with is deceiving you. It is also a good time to be extra careful with your finances and make sure you are not being taken advantage of. Alternatively, this card can show up in a reversed position when a period of confusion is coming to an end and clarity is on the horizon.

A reversal of the Moon card also suggests that you are experiencing anxiety or fear in this current situation. This is usually due to a traumatic memory from the past that has been repressed. You need to connect with your intuition and get in touch with your emotions so that you can let these feelings go.

The Sun

Getting a reading is a great way to gain a new perspective on a situation or to receive guidance from someone outside your own head. The questions that tarot asks you can be helpful prompts for journaling, topics for pondering, or inspiration for meditation. And the awesome thing about tarot is that it often gives you homework, but it's the kind of homework that will help you grow and get in touch with your intuition and inner wisdom!

As a beginner, it can be intimidating to sit down with a stranger and give her your cards. To ease into this practice, by reading for a friend or relative to become more confident in your cartomancy abilities before moving on to strangers. They agrees and adds that it's also important to remember to read for yourself, as well, to keep the balance of power in your favor.

When you have a question that you want to explore, focus on it while shuffling the cards. This will allow your mind to relax and let the energy of the cards wash over you, guiding your reading. Once you're ready to begin, lay out the cards in a chosen layout. Different decks have different ways of laying out the cards, but many readers use a 10-card Celtic Cross spread that shows you how you're interacting with the world around you and what issues are impacting your life.

Tarot can offer a new insight into any topic that you're curious about, but it shouldn't be used as a tool for prediction or prophecy. The cards are symbols and signposts, not gods that tell your future. The best way to understand a reading is to listen to the message that the cards are trying to communicate and see how it resonates with your own internal wisdom.

Similarly to other mental health treatments, tarot can have benefits for some people but may not be effective for others. It may not be helpful for those with mental health diagnoses that include symptoms of paranoia, psychosis, or obsessive-compulsive behavior. Talk to your doctor or therapist about whether tarot is right for you.


When you sit down for a reading, the deck is shuffled and a pattern, known as a spread, is laid out on the table. The cards are then overturned one by one to reveal their meanings.

Then it's up to you to glean what the reading is telling you. Sometimes, a tarot card will answer your question explicitly, but most of the time the answers come in the form of guidance and messages. As you read the cards, look for themes that resonate with you. You might even notice a few that seem to contradict each other. These conflicting cards can actually give you a more nuanced and layered understanding of the situation.

You might ask the reader to state your question directly, but you can also choose to withhold it. Generally, most tarot readers will work with you to understand the overall theme of your reading, and they'll use that to guide the cards you draw.

In addition to interpreting the individual cards, the tarot reader will often comment on their significance in relation to each other and your question. This is where the art of a tarot reading really comes into play, as the cards can speak to you in ways that words alone cannot.

For example, if your reading includes Judgement—a card that represents good judgment—it may indicate that you are ready to let go of things that leave you feeling drained and energized by working with others who are like-minded and committed to your shared vision. You might even be ready to follow a new calling.

It's also possible that a card will have no direct relevance to your question at all. This can happen when the reading takes you in a different direction than what you were expecting, or it could simply be pointing to something that you already know but have been unable to see for yourself.

If you're getting a reading from a trusted and experienced psychic or card reader, this is unlikely to occur. However, if you're reading tarot cards on your own or with friends, you should always establish clear boundaries before beginning a reading to avoid any potentially negative or inappropriate outcomes.

The World

The world card in a reading often signifies that you or someone close to you is on the cusp of achieving something major. This could be a career promotion, a new relationship, a wedding or even the birth of a child. If you’re dealing with a health issue this card can also be very promising, indicating that your current treatment is working and that the future looks bright.

Similarly, if you’re looking at your finances the World card is a good sign that you’re on the verge of success. Whether you’re getting a well-deserved bonus, a large contract or have just reached the point where, after a lot of saving and scrounging, your hard work will pay off.

In love and relationships, the World card indicates that you’re about to experience a full-circle in your romantic life. This might mean that you’re about to get married, move in with your significant other or reunite with an old flame. However, if this card is reversed it could be a sign that your relationship has lost its spark and you need to put in some serious work.

Tarot cards can be a powerful tool for self-reflection and emotional healing, but it’s important to remember that they’re only a mirror of your own beliefs, fears, hopes, and dreams. It’s easy to read the cards in a negative way or use them as confirmation of pre-existing biases. This is why it is advise seeking out a professional for more serious issues, as they can eradicate some of the personal baggage that may seep into your reading.

Ultimately, the best thing to do is take your time, be open and honest with your reader, and allow yourself to go on this journey of discovery together. Tarot will ask you questions and provide answers, but it’s your job to delve deep and find meaning in the cards for yourself.

Reading tarot is an intuitive process. People use it for everything from exploring their relationship to building self-esteem and making career choices. Psychic West Palm Beach can pull a single card for a simple reading or several cards in what’s called a spread. The more cards that are involved in a spread, the more in-depth…